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Find time for Foley and Stacey's Rexall Drugs

From our homebase at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, we made a daytrip today down the coast and inland a bit to Foley, Alabama. Someone had told us to check out Stacey”s Rexall Drugs, and to maybe do a lunch stop there.

It sounded like our kind of place. There is a huge Tanger Outlet in Foley, so the idea of heading that way had even additional merit to Kim. We made our way down there in a half hour or so and I dropped her off at the Ann Taylor store, one of maybe 50 stores in this complex.

I headed over to Cracker Barrel for a cup of coffee since it was mid-morning and I had a bit of time to kill. I met a couple there, Mark and Nina Will, who live in Fairhope. Mark is an artist–he works in acrylics and paints sunsets from the area.

The sun sets directly over the bay from casino online Fairhope and Point Clear, so he has his pick of dozens of gorgeous landscapes a year, I”m sure. I asked him if he had a website he”d like to include in this blog for his art and he smiled and said, “No. I gave all that up when I retired from my real job. People find me anyway.”

I picked Kim up about 12:30 and we headed to Stacey”s Rexall Drugs back in mid-town Foley. When we sat down, one gentleman next to us was having an ice cream cone and a table of four were doing the same in the corner. We ordered sandwiches–Kim had the egg salad that had been recommended highly to us, and I had tuna salad. I asked the table of four if they minded if I got a shot of them and they said to feel free.

“We all go to church on Wednesday and then come down here and have an ice cream cone for lunch,” said one woman.

“Every week?” I asked.

They all nodded yes. After our sandwiches, we ordered a Turtle to split. It”s made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup and pecans. This iconic drugstore and soda fountain is the oldest in Baldwin County and dates to 1929. Next time, we”ll make it for breakfast–coffee”s only 10 cents a cup.


A father and son from Tuscaloosa played checkers as they waited for a table


Fairhope artist Mark Will and his wife, Nina, had breakfast in Cracker Barrel in Foley


These two couples from Foley have ice cream cones for lunch at Stacey”s Rexall Drugs every Wednesday after church


Stacey”s Rexall Drugs has been in business in Foley since 1929

Mac Lacy

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