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Magnificent Manito Park

Recently, I spent a thoroughly enjoyable weekend in the Spokane, Washington area.

I’m sure that flower buffs in other parts of the country (and especially the South) might disagree, but I for one believe that the Pacific Northwest can make an honest claim of having the best total collection of beautiful floral gardens in North America. Among the cities where I’ve personally wandered through spectacular examples are Eugene, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver, Chilliwack and here in Spokane.

The gardens of Spokane’s roughly 100-acre Manito Park, like many others around the region, are public with free admission. Having stopped here previously, I was really looking forward to a return visit.

On site are absolutely incredible rose gardens (my AAA Tour Book notes 150 varieties and over 1,500 bushes), Japanese Gardens, indoor conservatories, manicured lawns, woods and hiking trails. I especially loved the piece du resistance, the immaculately maintained and truly spectacular, formal Duncan Garden, complete with central fountain and picturesque Gazebo. I enjoyed some snacks and ice cream at the outdoor Park Bench Café. Don’t even consider not making a stop here if your (or your group’s) travels bring you anywhere close to Spokane!

manito-6The park’s extensive Rose Garden

manito-8Duncan Garden and indoor conservatories

manito-9Duncan Garden central fountain