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My Thumbs Up” Nominees”

Bear Stew, McCleary, WA Bear Festival

Last month I complained about there being so many cruise and travel industry awards being given these days that it is virtually impossible to determine who or what is really the “best.”  However, I also commented that there are certainly companies and places out there that are indeed worthy of accolades, so following are several of these which have come to my attention during my travels over the past couple of years.  Please be aware that this in no way intended to be anything resembling a “Top 10” list!

GREENVILLE, SC – Extraordinarily attractive, intelligently-planned downtown area

LAS VEGAS McCARRAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – Exceptionally efficient and friendly TSA staff

SUBWAY – Amazingly consistent (and tasty) products at stores worldwide

NORTH DAKOTA – Excellent interstate highway rest areas

CONGAREE NATIONAL PARK, SC – Fascinating natural environment in a national park few travelers have ever even heard of

GRAND PORTAGE NATIONAL MONUMENT, MN – Incredible living history presentations in an equally obscure national monument

VIKING CRUISES – Innovative new ocean-going cruise line

MICHIGAN – Countless well-maintained roadside parks throughout the state

WALGREENS – Outstanding, very effective customer service program

CLAUDE MOORE COLONIAL FARM, VA – Wonderful colonial fairs…spring, summer and fall

FLIGHT 93 NATIONAL MEMORIAL, PA – Beautiful landscaping design

McCLEARY, WA BEAR FESTIVAL – Unusual (and delicious) featured food item…bear stew!