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The Pendleton Woolen Mills

The historic town of Pendleton, Oregon, lies just east of the Blue Mountains in the northeastern part of the state. A community of some 17,000 residents, Pendleton is probably best known as the namesake for the renowned Pendleton Woolen Mills.

In operation since 1909, the company’s original plant here still makes the near-legendary woolen blankets that are prized throughout the world for their quality and colorful American Indian designs. Made of sheep’s wool from Eastern Oregon, Montana and New Mexico, fully half of Pendleton’s blankets are still sold today to Native Americans, who accord them major cultural importance and prize the stories told through their designs.

Not only are fascinating guided tours of the production facilities offered, but the adjoining Pendleton Retail Store and Blanket Outlet offers a wide selection of first-quality goods, as well as bargain prices on seconds. For more information, contact (541) 276-6911 or visit

pendleton-woolen-mills2Giant spools of wool thread

pendleton-woolen-mills3Weaving machine