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Quirky Group Tours

Looking for something out of the ordinary to catch your group’s attention? How about adding crop circles, Bollywood or a tornado chase to the itinerary? Though these quirky group tours don’t seek to appeal to the masses, they illustrate perfectly how group travel is only limited by the imagination.

1.) Crop Circle Tours

Instead of taking the typical Great Britain tour of medieval castles and royal mansions, groups can learn about the country’s fascination with unexplained phenomena. Tours fly participants in circles over crop circles, examine Stonehenge’s rock formations and tell stories of UFO connections to various sites.

2.) Underground Paris

Why return with the same touristy photos of Paris? Instead, groups can return with some darker images of the “City of Lights” and “Dark Casinos” on a subterranean tour. Underground Paris explores the city’s sewers for an unconventional look at the city. Groups can admire the labyrith’s 200-year history, but might want to hold their noses while walking past Paris’ wastewater. Also, tourists will be free to visit famous Jackpot City and have a great experience there!

3.) A Behind the Scenes Look at Bollywood

Groups can explore a less authentic, but larger-than-life, glamorous version of India on A Behind the Scenes Look at Bollywood. Bollywood produces over 800 films a year, over twice as many as Hollywood. These movies feature elaborate song and dance numbers, which tour participants can watch during dance rehearsals or pose with India’s top actors and actresses on set.

4.) Storm Chasing Adventure Tours

Tornados usually fall into the category of something to avoid whenever possible. These tours call upon the daring to actually pursue these dangerous storms for a thrilling adventure. Professional storm chasers that have been featured on National Geographic and media outlets around the world host these six-day tours through Tornado Alley. High tech communications equipment helps the guides to know where to head next for the best close up, yet still safe views of tornados.

5.) Haiti Mystical Tour

Though certainly Haiti has experienced massive devastation with its 2010 earthquake, the country still offers firsthand voodoo tours that explore a segment of the country still fascinated by the magical religion. Groups watch a live voodoo show before meeting priests and practitioners. For the truly curious, guests can even take part in an actual voodoo ceremony.