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Unlock Andrew Zimmern’s Travel Secrets

If anyone knows how to find the best of a destination, it’s Andrew Zimmern.

The TV icon, culinary expert and travel legend has visited — and eaten — nearly everywhere. From “Bizarre Foods” to “Family Dinner,” his shows have shaped the travel tastes of people the world over. Andrew joins this episode of the podcast to share insights from his time on the road and give us the secrets to creating authentic and memorable travel experiences.

Andrew talks about his unlikely path to stardom, how travel has changed during his lifetime and what travel professionals can do to show their customers the best of the world. Plus, we have news about Americans’ growing appetite for international travel; a road tip about finding the perfect group restaurant reservation; and a Hot Minute about the impact of overtourism on American cities.

Insights from Andrew Zimmern

Andrew had no shortage of wisdom from his life on the road that tour operators can leverage in planning culinary trips and other kinds of adventures. But his most impactful statement might have been about the power of travel itself:

“Travel is transformative. I don’t know anything else other than personal tragedy that can change a human being. You go away on a trip, you have to ask questions, you don’t know where you’re going, you have to be curious. You take more risks. You do things you would never do at home.

“Taking all those risks, you import some of that wisdom and that healthy bravado and that curiosity. You bring that back home and it expands your horizons. You become more patient, tolerant and understanding with other people.”

Plus, he had great things to say about:

  • How technology has changed today’s travelers
  • How how to uncover the best local cuisine
  • How to arrange “secret” meals for tour groups

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Learn more about traveling with Andrew Zimmern in Sicily at

Learn more about Andrew’s shows and projects at

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Access Mastercard Economic Institute’s “Travel Trends 2024” report here.

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Key Moments From This Episode

1:41 — Travel News: Americans are traveling abroad in record numbers

2:53 — Road Tip: Finding restaurants for group meals

12:01 — How Andrew Zimmern went from addict to icon

17:34 — Zimmern’s take on how travelers have changed (for better or worse)

23:31 — Traveling authentically in the age of Instagram

34:17 — A new opportunity to travel alongside Andrew Zimmern

54:30 — Hot Minute: Are American cities suffering from overtourism?

Watch the Full Interview

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