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Diamond Tours Sponsors TravelTalks


The Group Travel Leader
Published July 07, 2014

SALEM, Ohio — Diamond Tours, one of the travel industry’s leading providers of packaged tours for the group market, is expanding its outreach to group travel planners. The company began in 1987 with a single tour offering to groups in only one state. Today, Diamond Tours offers tours to 30 different destinations and serves travel groups in every state.

Diamond Tours’ dedication to help group travel planners find value in their tour selections is evident in the company’s support of TravelTalks, the national series of group travel meetings. TravelTalks meetings are gatherings of group leaders that focus on education and networking in 30 U.S. cities. Diamond Tours is positioned as a national sponsor of TravelTalks and will deliver a video presentation to the delegates in each city. The Diamond Tours message is designed to educate groups on destination selection as well as inform them about the value that Diamond offers to groups.

Group travel leaders at each TravelTalks gathering will also receive a personalized Diamond Tours brochure with tours and pricing from their groups’ departure points.

Diamond is also taking its message to three group travel conferences that target specific affinity groups. The Select Traveler Conference serves banks, chambers of commerce and alumni travel programs. The Going On Faith Conference serves church and faith-based groups. The African American Travel Conference is the nation’s largest gathering of African-American group travel planners.

You are invited to meet Diamond Tours by attending your local TravelTalks meeting or to speak directly with the group specialist at 800-336-5711. You can also learn more about Diamond Tours at