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Kiosks to Offer Real-Time Feedback

SALEM, Ohio — Delegates attending Group Travel Family of Brands conferences will have a new way to show satisfaction — or not! The organization has invested in state-of-the-art technology enabling conference attendees to express how they feel about every event function in real time.

The survey kiosks will be positioned at the exit doors of every conference function to let delegates quickly vote on their level of satisfaction. The concept is simple: As attendees depart a meal, seminar or marketplace, they simply touch the level of smiley face that represents their satisfaction with the event, and their votes are tabulated.

“We are interested in knowing what our delegates experience in real time,” said Jenine Emanuel, conference manager at The Group Travel Family.

“Delegates will be kept up to date on survey results on a daily basis,” Emanuel said. “The results will be posted on the conference app, as well as announced publicly at the following event function.

“The goal of The Group Travel of Brands conferences is to meet or exceed expectations, and the survey kiosk lets us know of delegate satisfaction as it happens,” Emanuel added.

Attendees will have a chance to use the survey kiosk at Select Traveler Conference, African American Travel Conference, Going on Faith, Small Market Meetings Conference and Boomers In Groups. These travel conferences focus on group leisure travel or the meetings market and are operated by The Group Travel Family. Contact Cassandra Blankenship at 800-628-0993 for more information.