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All About Travel Advisors with Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada

Reports of the travel advisor’s death are greatly exaggerated.

Though many people don’t realize it, travel advisors (also known as travel agents) are still incredibly active. On this episode of the podcast, travel journalists and podcast hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada tell us about the ways that travel advisors can make group travel better. They also share their insights about what millennials are looking for in travel experiences and how travel companies can better reach them.

Plus, we have big news about developments in airplane WiFi; a road trip about buying luggage; and a hot minute about an annoying problem in motorcoach operations.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

To find a directory of qualified travel advisors, visit

To listen to the Trade Secrets podcast, visit or

To reach Emma Weissman, email or follow her on Instagram at @emma_enroute.

To reach Jamie Biesiada, email or follow her on Instagram at @thusjamiesaw.

Key Moments From This Episode

1:10 — Travel News: Delt’a free WiFi announcement

2:51 — Road Tip: Buying the right luggage

7:26 — Meet us at these tourism conferences

9:28 — Getting to know Emma and Jamie

12:57 — Are travel agents still a thing?

20:41 — The role of travel advisors in group tours

24:33 — Does working with a travel advisor cost more?

28:57 — How travel is changing with millennials

35:25 — The role of social media in today’s travel landscape

46:41 — Hot Minute: What’s wrong with motorcoach WiFi?

About the Podcast

Gather and Go with Brian Jewell is a podcast that helps listeners, plan, promote and lead better trips. Listeners includes tour operators, travel agents, affinity group travel planners, destination marketers, museum leaders and other tourism professionals around the country. Each episode includes a featured conversation with a thought leader from around the tourism industry, as well as travel news, road tips and more. New episodes are released about twice a month.

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