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Inside the Minds of Today’s Travelers with Danny Guerrero and Esra Calvert

“The future of travel is now.”

Danny Guerrero believes the ascendant multicultural majority in the United States will fundamentally change the travel landscape… and that the change has already begun. A tourism marketing expert, Danny joins this episode of the podcast with his research collaborator Esra Calvert to share results of an innovative new study showing what these new travelers want from their tourism partners.

Danny and Esra explain how multicultural travelers are claiming their place in the travel landscape and looking for trustworthy tourism brands that make them feel welcome. Plus, we have news about the reopening of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and a Road Tip about dealing with chronic complainers in your travel group.

Insights from Danny Guerrero and Esra Calvert

On the ascendant multicultural majority:

“100% of the growth in the last 10 years was all multicultural. As marketers, we’re looking at who is the traveling audience and who is going to be the future of travel.

“The future of travel is now. In the past five years, there has been an amazing awaking in multicultural groups to the power of travel. They’re no longer seeing travel as something they can’t do. And there’s an amazing amount of affinity groups taking to travel as a means of empowerment. They see travel as a way to explore themselves, to grow out of any limitations they may have. And it’s really a badge of honor.” — Danny Guerrero

On why travelers seek trust:

“75% of the stories included sadness. [People are looking for] personal, psychological safety. How do we create that so that consumers feel more welcome?

“Consumers know we don’t live in a perfect world. But they’re looking to brands to find solutions and bring context to it.” — Esra Calvert

On how tour operators can make people feel welcome:

“Tour operators need to know that the consumer is changing a bit. Generationally, you see in a lot of millennials a need to frequent brands and places that promote diversity and authenticity, and support local communities…. Don’t be afraid to lean into the margins when telling the story of a place. Not everything has to be hyper-luxury and hand-held. That notion is a thing of the past, where you’ve guarded travelers so much to give a travel experience that was a little bit polished and a little bit sterile. People are ready to hear the stories of marginalized folks. They want to travel and see authentic stories.” — Danny Guerrero

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Download the Future of Travel report at

Contact Danny Guerrero at

Contact Esra Calvert at

Key Moments From This Episode

1:22 — Travel News: Notre Dame Cathedral reopening plan

2:40 — Road Tip: Dealing with chronic complainers

12:24 — How Danny Guerrero and Esra Calvert became tourism analytics experts

13:50 — The importance of understanding multicultural backgrounds

16:09 — Using storytelling and AI to understand emerging travel buyers

21:14 — Why multicultural customers are the future of travel

25:45 — What today’s travel buyers are thinking about

28:48 — The importance of trust and belonging in modern tourism marketing

34:40 — How tour operators can win the hearts and minds of multicultural customers

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