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Dolence Has Built a Faithful Following

SALEM, Ohio — It’s always nice to have someone on your side, and in the group travel industry no one fills that bill better than Gini Dolence. Many readers of this publication know Dolence as the welcoming face and friendly voice at conferences operated by The Group Travel Family of Brands.

Gini brings 25 years of group travel experience, beginning as a travel agent operating charters to Hawaii and beyond. As her knowledge in group travel expanded, so did her outreach to those people organizing groups.

“Gini listens to people and understands their needs,” said Kathleen Presley of The Group Travel Family. Her understanding of group travel and the planners who organize it has led her to have a reach of over 10,000 travel groups in 20 years.

“I started out when it was a trade show named Group Leaders of America [GLAMER] and saw it expand to seven national conferences focused on group travel,” said Dolence.

Dolence’s career is not limited to group travel; she has also maintained a cattle ranch in Ohio.

“We love Gini, and there is aways a surprise in the relationship, like the time she called to say she would be a little late to the office because she had to pull a cow out of the mud,” said Presley with a laugh.

Pulling cows out of mud or welcoming delegates to travel conferences, Gini Dolence can be counted on as the best friend any travel planner could wish for.

You can reach Dolence at 330-259-6681.