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Globus Has Built a Worldwide Following

SALEM, Ohio A widely known tour company began more than 90 years ago when a young man purchased a boat to transport visitors across Lake Lugano, Switzerland. This single boat would launch one of the world’s leading travel organization. Today, the Globus family of brands is a global company that reaches every corner of the world yet remains family-owned, continuing to enlighten groups by showing them the best destinations.

Today, Globus has buying power that individual travelers don’t. This fact saves groups up to 30% when compared with purchasing every component of a dream vacation on their own. And by eliminating time spent waiting in lines at must-see sites, Globus also gives groups more free time to relax and explore the world.

Touring with Globus provides group leaders an inclusive package, freedom to explore, hotels in the heart of the destination, VIP access to must-see-sites and top tour directors and guides.

Groups traveling with Globus have come to expect sightseeing and experiences, as well as free time to explore, relax and enjoy, included in the package price. Hotel selection has always been a Globus priority, with many located directly in the heart of the group’s destination.

Globus also knows the ropes of travel. The company works hard behind the scenes to get groups front and center at the world’s greatest sites.

There’s scenery, and then there’s the scene. No one is more immersed in local culture than Globus tour directors and guides. These experts bring destinations to life with firsthand, in-depth knowledge of their cities, towns and neighborhoods. They speak the language. They know the history. They know where to find the legendary pastries.

Traveling and vacationing should not be mutually exclusive for your group. The world’s most inspiring and extraordinary places are meant to be enjoyed, and today’s savvy group leaders understand that touring with specialists like Globus allows them to do just that — enjoy the amazing world around them and show it to their groups.

Globus offers groups the chance to enjoy every moment of their vacation. Without the hassles of transportation and navigating each destination, not to mention waiting in countless lines, groups have more time to take pleasure in and benefit from their getaway.

Groups that travel with Globus also give back. Globus is committed to sustainable travel and minimizing its impact on the environment, as well as reducing its dependence on nonrenewable resources. In this endeavor, Globus has implemented policies to carefully enhance tour products, with this mission and values combined.