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GTF Video Library Touts Destinations for Planners

SALEM, Ohio Group travel is on the rise, and the travel planners making it happen are constantly searching for new ideas, trends and thoughts on how to better serve their clubs and organizations. The Group Travel Family of Brands has built a library of thousands of video interviews with industry leaders and travel clubs.

The Group Travel Family of Brands serves over 25,000 travel planners nationwide, with the mission of providing education, networking opportunities and content to better lead groups on trips. One of those avenues of providing content is the development of The Group Travel Family channel on YouTube.

“We have amassed a library of more than 2,000 videos that focus on group travel,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family of Brands.

The organization operates seven travel conferences annually that deal exclusively with group travel. The staff realized that a wealth of shared information during those conferences simply evaporated after the gathering.

“That’s when we began a video library of keynote speeches, interviews and destination focuses,” said Presley. That effort resulted in content that has, to date, reached over a quarter million views.

Viewers visiting The Group Travel Family channel can select from a dozen playlists that segment group travel interests. Bank Clubs, church groups, mature and boomers, diversity travel as well as meeting planners will find content of interest. They also welcome the travel industry to view the library and gain insight into what groups are doing.

“This helps destinations, hotels and attractions in recognizing travel trends,” Presley said.

Travel planners and industry professionals are welcome to use this content free of charge by visiting the Group Travel Family Travel Library at