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Mike Kase named first GLAMER chapter director

Mike Kase

SALEM, Ohio — Group Leaders of America (GLAMER) has designated the first chapter director in the group travel organization’s 25-year history. Mike Kase of Indianapolis will lead the Indianapolis GLAMER Chapter of more than 300 leaders of group travel.

The new direction for GLAMER will bring experienced group travel professionals into the organization’s fold as directors and will give local representation for travel groups and the travel industry.

Kase, who is with Hoosier Park Racing Casino and a group travel veteran, was chosen because of his experience and understanding of group travel and the local Indianapolis area.

GLAMER chapter directors will act as the focal point and go-to person between group travel directors and the local travel industry that is interested in groups.

“We find that many times hotels, restaurants and DMOs are overlooking the economic impact of
groups in their backyard,” said Joe Cappuzzello of GLAMER.

GLAMER has 20,000 volunteer members who plan group travel across America and maintains chapters of travel planners in 36 cities. It plans to name directors in all locations. Chapter directors will have extensive tourism backgrounds and in most cases continue to be successfully represent their companies.

As the Indianapolis chapter director, Kase will be the point person for the annual Chapter Meeting as well as head up quarterly meetings between groups and local travel industry members.

“I know so many great group leaders in Indiana that I’m looking forward to the chance to keep in touch and help my travel industry friends in building their group following,” said Kase.

“This is a relationship-based business. Mike has great relationships with groups and also with the travel industry. He will bring everyone together in a positive way,” said Cappuzzello.

Kase will kick off as chapter director by holding a Chapter Meeting in Indianapolis this fall.

Travel industry members who want information about the chapter director program can contact Cappuzzello at 800-628-0993 or