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Now Is the Time to Ramp Up Industry Marketing

SALEM, Ohio The roaring return of group travel this year is challenging destinations, hotels and operators to step up their marketing programs.

The dilemma for the travel industry is to bounce back from pandemic measures, which cut staffs and budgets, and ramp up their marketing and sales efforts in order to secure group travel bookings for 2023. 

“Many DMOs [destination marketing organizations] and hotels are being caught short staffed at a time when they need to be meeting travel groups to book tours for 2023,” said Charlie Presley of Group Travel Family of Brands (GTFBrands).

GTFBrands, which manages seven conferences dedicated to the group travel or meetings markets, is reporting record attendance of group planners at its events, while the travel industry is struggling to find staff to attend. While this presents a great opportunity for DMOs and hotel representatives who are attending travel shows, it puts those who choose not to go at a disadvantage. 

Travel industry representatives who have attended the travel conferences GTFBrands has operated this year report record sales. They attribute the booking success to pent-up travel demand from groups.  

To keep your group travel traffic strong, consider attending these conferences: 

• Going On Faith, Panama City Beach, Florida, September 13–15, 2022

• Small Market Meetings, Wichita, Kansas, October 2–4, 2022

• Boomers in Groups, Gwinnett, Georgia, November 4–6, 2022

• Select Traveler Conference, Branson, Missouri, March 27–29, 2023 

• African American Travel Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, April 3–5, 2023

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