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Stacy is a Go-to Contact for Groups in Branson

SALEM, OhioIf you have ever wondered about the value of attending travel conferences to build group business, take a lesson from Anthony Stacy of Branson Restaurant & Co. and IMAX Entertainment Complex. Stacy has become a go-to contact for groups heading to the tourism mecca of Branson, Missouri, in part because he is dedicated to having face-to-face meetings with group travel planners and tour operators.

Branson is a group tour magnet, and travelers have a wide selection of lodging, entertainment and meals to choose from there. That is where Stacy comes in. He understands that group travel is built on relationships and that those relationships are best developed through in-person meetings.

Stacy uses group travel conferences to cement existing contacts and establish new friendships with travel groups that are considering Branson as a destination but have not decided where to stay and what to see and do. A recent example of efforts was when he secured two group bookings while on the marketplace floor at the recent African American Travel Conference. Stacy was representing Branson Restaurant & Co./IMAX.

Stacy’s efforts give planners a solid, face-to-face relationship with a person who has feet on the ground in Branson. Now that they know Stacy, group leaders not only feel secure with Branson Restaurant & Co./IMAX but also know they can call on him with other questions about Branson.

So, when you’re wondering if attending travel conferences is time well spent, think about how Anthony Stacy’s legwork has benefited Branson Restaurant & Co./IMAX.

If you have a Branson question, contact Stacy at or 417-335-1840.