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Educational Travel for Adults with Kelsey Perri

Is traveling outside your comfort zone the key to thriving in adulthood?

Kelsey Perri believes it is. A travel industry veteran and public relation director at Road Scholar, she’s on a mission to help older adults discover the benefits of educational travel. She joins this episode of the podcast to share how education-based trips help travelers broaden their horizons, keep their minds sharp and create inter-generational memories.

Kelsey explains how Road Scholar combines education and fun on the road and helps unpack the trend of married women traveling without their husbands. Plus, we have news about a proposed “green fee” in Hawaii; a Road Tip about handy items to keep in your carry-on; and a Hot Minute about the dangers of government-imposed travel fees.

Insights from Kelsey Perri

On women traveling alone:

“Seventy percent of our travelers are women, and 30% go solo every year. We have a lot of solo female travelers who come with us. And at least 60% of those are married people who leave their spouses at home to come travel.”

“The number one reason is that their spouse just isn’t interested in traveling. I guess women are just a little more adventurous and willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone.”

On multigenerational travel:

“These are hands-on, interactive programs with lots of activities. They’re wonderful opportunities for grandparents to pass on their love of learning, their love of travel, and really make memories they’re going to have forever.

“The grandparents do some stretching of their minds and their abilities to learn more about themselves too.”

On the value of getting out of your comfort zone:

“When you’re aging, learning and putting yourself out of your comfort zone is so important to keep yourself sharp, to age healthily and keep yourself vital and engaged as you get older. That’s what Baby Boomers are interested in doing.”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Visit Road Scholar online at

Learn more about Road Scholar’s group program at

Contact the Road Scholar groups department by emailing

Follow Road Scholar on Facebook or join the Women of Road Scholar group.

Learn more about STS Domestic showcase at

Key Moments From This Episode

1:12 — Travel News: Hawaii is considering a new “green fee”

2:22 — Road Tip: Traveling with a pen and notebook

6:52 — Join us at STS Domestic Showcase

11:57 — How Kelsey Perri developed a passion for educational travel

14:58 — How educational travel differs from normal tours

18:45 — Why married women are traveling alone

27:35 — Educational travel for multigenerational groups

33:11 — Why it’s critical to get outside your comfort zone when you travel

48:17 — Hot Minute: Should destinations add more fees to the travel experience?

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