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Finding Extraordinary Travel Experiences with Diana Hechler

Diana Hechler has experienced some amazing things in her travels, and she knows how to help you do the same.

Hechler, founder of D Tours Travel, joins the Gather and Go podcast to talk about her book “Strolling With Your Elephant: Perfect Moments in Travel.” She shares some of her most memorable moments from her travels around the world and tells us how every travel planner can go about unearthing extraordinary experiences for their groups.

Plus, we have news about hotel resort fees; a Road Tip about how to eliminate annoying flashing lights in your hotel room; and a Hot Minute about the role of junk fees in tourism.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Key Moments From This Episode

0:56 — Travel News: Legislation to ban junk fees

2:03 — Road Tip: No more light pollution

5:17 — Solutions for your biggest travel challenges

7:48 — How Diana Hechler discovered her travel calling

10:47 — Stumbling onto extraordinary experiences

15:15 — Asking your travel providers the right questions

20:58 — Memorable travel experiences

25:28 — Rediscovering American destinations

27:39 — Managing travel groups at crowded sporting events

30:12 — Great experience options for groups

40:21 — Hot Minute: Do junk fees have a place in tourism?

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