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Student Tour of Savannah - Georgia

Bringing a student group to Savannah? Then you need to check out this educational, three-day Savannah student itinerary!

Student Tour of Savannah

Classic Savannah - Georgia

In Savannah, we take our fun very seriously. A full day of exploration calls for evenings packed with spirited cocktails. Show your group a night on the town—or, a day on the water—with a wide range of tours, excursions and nightlife that has gained us a reputation as one of the most lively cities in the South.

Classic Savannah

The Girl Scout Experience - Georgia

As the birthplace of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low, Savannah’s an ideal trip spot for troops—especially since dozens of historical sites around town have created tours for Scouts that culminate with receiving a badge. For the ultimate getaway—and the right blend of education, fun, and togetherness—combine the options below for your troop.

The Girl Scout Experience

Fare with Savannah Flair - Georgia

There are lots of options for a delicious Southern meal in Savannah. Go behind the scenes with your group and see Savannah’s local foodies at work. Savannah Bee Company, The Salt Table and Byrd Cookie Company are just a few of the establishments where you groups can get both a tour and a taste.

Fare with Savannah Flair

Savannah African American Heritage Tour - Georgia

Savannah celebrates more than 250 years of African American culture and history, and features a number of historic sites and museums that focus on this important piece of the area’s past. Discover the important contributions African Americans have made to the fabric of Savannah through daily specialized tours.

Savannah African American Heritage Tour

Nebraska’s Missouri River Valley & Capital City - Nebraska

Forming Nebraska’s eastern border, the Missouri River is one of the nation’s great rivers and has helped shape and grow the Great Plains region over the years. On this itinerary, we’ll follow this mighty river from Brownville to Nebraska City, through Omaha and the Winnebago Nation before finishing near the Siouxland region of South Sioux City. We’ll enjoy delicious homemade fare, unique cultural immersions, top notch entertainment, an insightful look into our nation’s national security, and examples of responsible environmental stewardship.

Nebraska's Missouri River Valley & Capital City

Cosmopolitan To Cowboys: Omaha to Kimball - Nebraska

On this itinerary, we’ll follow the path of the great American west along one of the nation’s busiest migration and transportation routes, the Great Platte River Road. Today, Interstate 80 follows this route, taking us through diverse landscapes and terrains. The cosmopolitan urban centers of Omaha and Lincoln in eastern Nebraska, the fertile farmlands and migratory birding paths of central Nebraska and the Central Flyway, and the wide-open and sprawling vistas of western Nebraska make up this exciting land of contrasts.

Cosmopolitan To Cowboys:  Omaha to Kimball

Buffett, Birds, and Beef: Nebraska’s Great Platte River Road - Nebraska

We start our tour in Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city and home to Warren Buffett (the Oracle of Omaha), where we’ll visit many of this business magnate, investor, and philanthropist’s favorite points of interest and hangouts. The birding part of our tour takes us to Lincoln and then the Central Flyway where we come face-to-face with more than 600,000 sandhill cranes who roost in this part of the Platte River during their annual spring migration. A guided sunset tour and sunrise tour give us two different perspectives of these unique birds, also known as living dinosaurs.

Buffett, Birds, and Beef:  Nebraska's Great Platte River Road

Buffalo Bill’s Rails & Trails West - Nebraska

To experience western Nebraska is to experience the Old West. This is a land filled with history and culture. From the Native American tribes who first settled this wild region, fur traders and trappers looking for fortune, early pioneers searching for a better way of life out west, and farmers and ranchers who carved out an existence in this wild and rough landscape. Hear their exciting stories and tales as we explore and experience western Nebraska.

Buffalo Bill’s Rails & Trails West

Buffalo, Bones and Books: Traveling The Fossil Freeway - Nebraska

The Fossil Freeway is an enjoyable and scenic drive between Denver and Colorado’s Front Range to South Dakota’s Black Hills through western Nebraska. While exploring this one-of-a-kind highway corridor connecting the region’s rich fossil history, we hand-feed bison and learn more about these sentinels of the Great Plains, explore a natural shortgrass prairie setting, and take in a stunning view of the Oregon Trail and North Platte River Valley from an elevation of more than 800 feet.

Buffalo, Bones and Books: Traveling The Fossil Freeway