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Making Travel Transformational with Sahara Rose De Vore

Can travel transcend transactions to become transformational?

Sahara Rose De Vore believes it can. A veteran traveler and the founder of the Travel Coach Network, she has built a career helping people craft trips that meet their inner needs for meaning, healing and well-being. She joins this episode of the podcast to share how intentional travel planning can open the door to transformative experiences.

Sahara explains how travel coaches differ from travel agents, how coaching can make trips more meaningful and how group leaders can build transformational experiences into their tours. Plus, we have news about faith-based tours in Italy; a Road Tip about navigating without cell service; and a Hot Minute about mixing politics and travel.

Insights from Sahara Rose De Vore

On the benefits of travel coaching:

“Travel coaches help people set intentions for their trips and really understand why they want to get away so that they can make better planning and booking decisions. It’s really about those underlying motivations and using travel as a tool for things like transformation, reaching personal or work goals, or boosting our overall well-being.”

On travel’s transformational potential:

“Oftentimes, these transformations and changes we get in travel come as an afterthought…. It’s proof that travel really has the ability to make an impact and change us.

“I have heard of so many different ways that travel can transform us… We hear about escapism and wanting to get away. Travel can give us human connection, self reflection and the realization of just how much more is out there. The empathy we gain, the stories we hear from the people we encounter — all of these are transformational. So how do we help people tap into that transformation and actually use it to better their lives and relationships?”

On the transformational potential of group travel:

“That group is made up of individuals, and each individual is looking for something different. Just because they have an itinerary doesn’t mean they’re looking for the same outcome from that itinerary. So doing an assessment of your individual travelers is really important so you can really understand what each one is looking for.

“Getting to that emotional aspect of the trip is really important for the business owner to gain insight on how they can make the experience even richer for their group.”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Apply for our OnSite familiarization tour in Savannah here.

Key Moments From This Episode

1:36 — Travel News: New faith-based trips from Perillo Tours

2:40 — Road Tip: Navigating without cell service

8:14 — Join us for a trip to Savannah this summer

13:14 — How Savannah Rose De Vore became a travel afficionado

18:38 — What is travel coaching, anyway?

22:40 — How travel can be transformational

32:29 — Transformation vs. transaction

35:13 — Transformational opportunities in domestic travel

37:01 — Creating transformational opportunities in group travel

50:26 — Hot Minute: Mixing politics and travel

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