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Steptoe Butte State Park

Surprisingly, I think that there is no better place to experience our country’s “amber waves of grain” than Eastern Washington. The rolling hills, prevailing breezes and panoramic vistas here present a scenario of wheat fields that one wouldn’t normally expect to describe as beautiful, but here it most definitely is.

One of the best places to get commanding views of the landscape for miles around is at Steptoe Butte State Park, about 50 miles south of Spokane.  The road leading to the summit of this 3,612-foot butte is unfortunately decorated with potholes aplenty, but the trip is still very much worthwhile. Visitors are rewarded with outstanding picture-taking opportunities.

It is interesting to note that the accompanying photos were taken to the east and south, as the view to the west during my visit was partially obscured by smoke blown from the major wildfires in North Central Washington that have made the news this summer.


Eastbound view from the summit


Southbound view from the summit