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Taking Better Travel Photos with Stephanie Miller

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take capture stunning images when you travel.

Just like you, Stephanie Miller was a travel lover long before she became a travel photographer. She joins this episode of the podcast to share simple tips you can use to capture better images on your trips. She also gives us lots of recommendations on photography gear, editing tools and other resources you can use to capture dynamic travel photos that will help you sell more trips.

Plus, we have news about rising tour costs; a Road Tip about packing the perfect phone charging cable; and a Hot Minute about why Brian is flip-flopping on his tour pricing advice.

As promised, we took notes on this episode so you don’t have to. Read below for tons of highlights and helpful info from this episode.

Stephanie Miller’s Top Travel Photography Tips

On cell phone photography: “Clean your lens. When you are taking picture with your cell phones, get in the habit of wiping it on your shirt and cleaning your lens of. It’s going to make your photos a lot sharper and more striking.”

On group photos: “It’s really about the environment, the landscape, a piece of architecture or art you’re looking at. That should be the focus. Then you want yourself or others in the photo to engage the person looking at the photo so they can envision themselves in that place as well.”

On photo lighting: “Make sure you’re aware of where your light source is and try to shoot with the light on your subject instead of behind your subject.”

On must-have accessories: “Always have a filter on your lens, even if it’s just a clear UV filter, just to protect your lens.”

On becoming a better travel photographer: “Sign up for an online photography course. They’re really not that expensive. It will teach you the basics of how to use your camera, and composition and editing tricks. That way you’re prepared for your trip.”

On capturing great photos on the go: “First and foremost, take a ton of photos. Don’t just take one and run around. Take a ton so you have a ton to choose from.”

On taking photos that will sell future trips: “You want your audience to see themselves in the photo. So get creative… You want to take a variety of photos. Take engaging photos of your food. Get it from the side, and try to see the ambiance of not just the food itself, but also the restaurant.”

Stephanie’s Camera Gear and App Recommendations

Beginner DSLR Camera: Cannon 80-D

All-purpose photo editing software: Lightroom

Mobile photography apps:

Other Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Key Moments From This Episode

1:41 — Travel News: The rising cost of tours

2:57 — Road Tip: The perfect charging cable

10:04 — A resources for church travel planners

15:25 — How Stephanie Miller became a travel photographer

17:19 — The most common travel photography mistakes

22:31 — What kind of camera do you really need for travel?

31:51 — Getting great photos during group tours

38:03 — Photo tips for marketing trips

46:34 — Hot Minute: Why Brian has changed his mind about tour pricing

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