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Troubleshooting Travel Problems with Christopher Elliott

No matter how big or complex your travel problem is, Christopher Elliott knows how to solve it. A consumer advocate and travel journalist, Christopher has been helping people troubleshoot their travel problems for decades. He joins this episode of the podcast to talk about common travel problems people face and how to solve them. He also shares his perspective on when to issue refunds, the importance of travel insurance, how to advocate for yourself during travel and more.

Plus, we have have news about a brand new European river cruise line; a Road Tip about keeping your money safe when you travel; and a Hot Minute about gala events at travel trade shows.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

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Key Moments From This Episode

0:52 — New European river cruise line

2:34 — Road Tip: Keeping money safe when you travel

9:04 — How Christopher Elliott became a consumer advocate

12:30 — Why airline customer service can be so bad

17:35 — America’s most common travel complaints

21:46 — When should you issue a refund?

24:49 — The importance of travel insurance

27:06 — America’s most common travel mistakes

32:32 —Advocating for yourself on the road

42:40 — Hot Minute: Is it time for the tradeshow gala to die?

About the Podcast

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