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Where Travel Meets Learning with Tonya Matthews

Tonya Matthews doesn’t shy away from big conversations. A poet, engineer and education specialist, Matthews is the president and CEO of the International African American Museum, scheduled to open in Charleston, South Carolina, in January. She joins this episode of the podcast to talk about how travel and museum leaders can invite people of various backgrounds into moving experiences and enriching conversations that build bridges instead of walls.

Plus, we have have news about RealID implementation; a Road Tip about staying in shape when you travel; and a Hot Minute about pointless government security regulations.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

To learn more about the International African American Museum, visit

To follow Tonya Matthews on Twitter, find her at @DocT_IDEAs.

To register for our OnSite familiarization tour in Savannah, visit

Key Moments From This Episode

1:03 — Travel News: RealID Delayed Again

3:05 — Road Tip: Staying in Shape on the Road

5:35 — Join us for a FAM in Savannah

7:12 — Getting to know Tanya Matthews

13:46 — Why a new African American museum in Charleston?

20:39 — The role of museums in lifelong learning

24:15 — Making challenging topics approachable

28:37 — Welcoming a diverse audience

33:05 —Making museums more effective

48:16 — Hot Minute: Is RealID a disaster?

About the Podcast

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