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    Roots Music: No Judges Required

    For music lovers, enjoying some authentic live performances is one of the most exciting things about travel. Destinations around the country offer opportunities to connect with the heritage of American roots music through both historic interpretation and live performance.

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    The Apostle Islands: A Distant Discovery

    Travelers willing to make the journey will be rewarded with the serenity and charm of this lakefront town and the beauty of its crown jewel, the Apostle Islands.

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    Branson Now Showing

    This Missouri mountain destination offers a bevy of diverse attractions and entertainment, with new developments, performers and attractions coming online every year.

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    New York Beyond Broadway

    New York is a city that is always both timeless and evolving, and a great tour of the city will include attractions new and old. Fortunately, there’s plenty of both available to groups exploring NYC.

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    Florida State Spotlight

    It’s difficult to cover all of Florida’s highlights in any one trip, but the area of central Florida connected by this corridor boasts some of the state’s most famous attractions. And because these destinations are located along the narrow middle of the state, it takes very little time to travel from one place to the next, allowing groups to maximize their enjoyment and minimize time on the road.

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    Music Drives These Marketing Plans

    Detroit has Motown. Bristol has country. Nashville has, well, everything. For cities that are known for their sound, music becomes a major part of their marketing efforts.

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    Museum Guide: Pop Culture

    These pop culture focused exhibitions are set to make museum visits fun for everyone in 2015.

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    Growth Trends Take Top Billing At USTOA Conference

    The mood at the recent 2014 USTOA Annual Conference, held December 5-7, reflected a continuing “doubling down” mind-set of many top-tier travel companies.

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    Apostle Island Slideshow

    Discover Wisconsin's gorgeous Apostle Island with our photo slideshow.

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    Group Travel 101 — Why Group Travel?

    Learn the benefits of planning group trips in today's travel market.