• gtl-sept14-walks-of-new-york

    A New Take On New York

    These tours allow the uninitiated visitor into some of the most high security and rarefied spaces of New York City.

  • gtl-sept14-austin-adventures

    Group Travel Market Seeks Authenticity

    According to an interview with four group travel industry leaders, the group travel market is increasingly going local with marketing messages.

  • gtl-sept14-winterthur-1

    Mansions With Art Collections

    If you have art lovers or architecture fans in your travel group, consider visiting some of these great art-museum mansions.

  • gtl-sept14-tempe-coc

    Emerging Travel Groups

    A few group travel markets are booming and promise to keep growing in coming years.

  • gtl-sept14-alaska1

    State Spotlight: Alaska

    Alaska has a heritage of distinctive arts and cultural experiences that can add color to any tour of the state.

  • new-york-slideshow-lead

    New York City Photo Slideshow

    Check out more views of the Big Apple you might see on a tour with our New York City Photo Slideshow.

  • gtl-sept14-globus

    FAMs Offer Onsite Insights

    Representatives of four organizations that host regular FAMs talk about their approaches to the tours and their tips for how travel planners can make the most of them.

  • gtl-sept14-wright

    Frank Lloyd Wright Sites for Groups

    Whether members of a group have an understanding of the importance of Wright or have only vaguely heard of him, all will enjoy discovering his ingenious creations firsthand.

  • gtl-101-featured

    Group Travel 101 — Why Group Travel?

    Learn the benefits of planning group trips in today's travel market.