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Bucket List Itinerary: Glamping in Patagonia

Experience the intense connection with nature at the world’s end while enjoying the luxurious comforts of a hotel on the “Patagonia Glamping Adventure.” The Kensington Tours itinerary explores the remote southern tip of South America.

Known for its wild beauty, Patagonia has attracted many a famous traveler, including Darwin, Melville and Theroux. Ice blue glacial lakes, sharp mountain peaks and rare wildlife become normal sights during the trip.

Groups behold the world famous Torres del Paine National Park panoramas. Other activities include hiking a native Nothofagus forest, visiting a typical Patagonian ranch and crossing a suspension bridge over Pingo River. Beaches, waterfalls, walls of glaciers and other spectacular lookouts fill the trip with the region’s untamed splendor.

Without carrying heavy backpacks, guests can relax in camps in out-of-the-way locations along the way.

Kensington Tours recently launched its Groups Department to aid groups of 12 or more travelers. The upscale tour operator can customize their itineraries, including adding pre- and post-tours.

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