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GLAMER teams with Retreat Central

Courtesy Retreat Central

SALEM, Ohio — Group Leaders of America (GLAMER) has entered into a new relationship, delivering hundreds of new tour destinations to its 25,000 travel club members. GLAMER has teamed up with Retreat Central, the nation’s authority on the much overlooked retreat center industry, and groups will now be able to visit one website and search more than 300 retreat destinations.

“We became aware of a new market in retreat centers that are virtually unknown to our group travel leader members,” said Charlie Presley of the Group Travel Family, parent company of GLAMER.

“Group leaders are among the best treasure hunters in the world. Hours are spent seeking the best locations and destinations for reunions, getaways, meetings and adventures. When a group visits a retreat, the prize is not only a place with great accommodations, food and meeting space, but atmosphere as well.

“Group leaders, imagine places designed only for groups, often hosting only one group at a time, good food, lodging, and in some of the most beautiful places in the country.

“Best of all, retreats are the most affordable facilities available,” said Presley. “Retreat centers are the treasures right down the road.”

During the summer, many retreats function as youth camps, but once the children are gone, these idyllic places are transformed into comfortable facilities designed to host adults and families.

Staff housing, with private baths, become single- and double-occupancy rooms for all kinds of groups. Food is often customized for the group. Activities at retreat centers can include ropes courses, hiking trails, swimming, boating and sitting by the lake.

“Would your group enjoy an old-fashioned bonfire with marshmallows?” asked Presley. “Some retreat centers function year-round and serve only adult groups.”

“Retreat centers were designed to create a sense of community, so bring your community to places built for community,” said Jaynie Schultz, who founded Retreat Central along with Debra Williams.
“The search for the best spots is over. Together with GLAMER, we will add retreat centers to the long list of options for group leaders.”

To research retreats for your group, visit, send an email to, or call toll free 877-364-2323.