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NFL Experience Times Square Will Be Immersive Football Encounter

NEW YORK — Visitors to New York will be able to get a firsthand feel for what it is like to be a National Football League player when the NFL Experience Times Square opens in November.

The state-of-the-art interactive attraction, created by Cirque du Soleil in partnership with the National Football League, will combine 4-D cinema and other multimedia effects to transport visitors from the season-opening kickoff through the playoffs, and ultimately, the Super Bowl.

Among the immersive experiences is the film “Gameday” in a 185-seat theater designed to evoke the feeling of being in a packed football stadium that takes visitors through an NFL season from the perspective of the players.

Fans can test themselves against the pros in a simulated NFL team workout facility, suit up in the uniform of their favorite NFL team using enhanced visual effects, receive instruction from a hologram of an NFL coach, call plays in a huddle, pass a real football to their favorite receiver during the Super Bowl and be immersed in the pomp of a Super Bowl winning celebration from the players’ view through augmented reality.

“NFL Experience Times Square is the next level of entertainment for new and life-long football fans alike,” said Danny Boockvar, president of NFL Experience Times Square.

The four-story attraction will be located on 44th Street at 7th Avenue.