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Recent Changes Will Allow Alaska Cruises to Embark This Summer

If your group has been eager to cruise up to Alaska, round them up and contact a cruise line now as these popular cruises will go fast starting this summer!

President Biden has signed into law the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act, that allows major cruise vessels leaving the Seattle area to cruise to Alaska without making port in Canada for the foreseeable future.  A maritime law requiring these ships to make port in Canada has existed for years and has halted large ship cruising for months.

The Canadian government is continuing much more stringent Covid-19 precautions than are currently in place in the U.S. and this bipartisan effort in the United States congress to lift the restriction on behalf of the cruise industry and the Alaskan travel industry succeeded just a few days ago.

Groups that have been hoping to do large ship cruises to Alaska this summer or fall should contact their travel agents or major cruise lines directly to see when they can accommodate their travelers.