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Study Shows Video Influence on Travel Decisions

New research released by Google examined whether videos can actually coax travelers to visit a particular destination. The study looked at how consumers engage with video when researching and planning trips by observing YouTube viewers.

According to the report, almost 50 percent of travelers use online video in some way before they decide where to go on vacation. In fact, many consumers watch online videos for travel-related purposes. About 27 percent view clips to relax or escape, 45 percent for entertainment or inspiration and 14 percent to pursue a hobby.

Other stats included:

  • 65 percent use video when thinking about taking a trip
  • 48 percent when thinking about the type of trip to take
  • 67 percent to choose a destination
  • 67 percent when choosing vacation activities
  • 63 percent when deciding on accommodations
  • 26 percent when deciding which website to book with

The study was released by Google UK sales director Dr. Bernd Fauser at the Travel Perspective session during World Travel Market. He gave some tips for those looking to use video to attract travelers.

“You don’t need huge budgets, it’s about the content people engage with,” said Fauser. “Anyone can be an artist, you just need a good idea. You can reach a lot of people in a very emotional way.”

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