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Ark Encounter & Creation Museum Pass 10 Million Mark

PETERSBURG, Kentucky The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, internationally popular attractions of Answers in Genesis, welcomed their 10 millionth visitor in April.

The attractions have been visited by a wide range of internationally well-known people over the years, from President Jimmy Carter and a Nigerian king to celebrities like Bill Nye and rock star Ozzy Osborne.

“We’re thrilled with our total attendance number, as visitors come here from around the world,” said Ken Ham, founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis and its two attractions. “It gives me confidence that 2022 will be our best year, especially as we continue to expand and hold special events.”

The Ark Encounter, featuring a 510-foot-long Ark as its centerpiece, and the Creation Museum, with high-tech experiences, are faith-based attractions that have found significant appeal with tour groups.

“The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum attendance will only increase as more international visitors resume traveling and as bus tours return to levels we’ve experienced before, such as up to 55 tour buses in a day,” Ham said.

With attendance returning to pre-pandemic levels, Answers in Genesis is working on expansion plans. The the organization hopes to build a future Tower of Babel attraction that will tackle racism issues, showing how all people have developed from one biological race.

Over the years, directly and indirectly, the Ark Encounter has added tens of millions of dollars into the state and local treasuries and has spurred the construction of several new hotels to meet guest demand, especially in the cities of Dry Ridge and Florence, Kentucky. 

The Ark Encounter, Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis employ over 1,000 staff, which makes them significant employers in northern Kentucky.