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Be a Leader in Restarting Travel in Your Community

SALEM, Ohio   Your group travelers are looking to you for leadership to get back to normal and to provide them with the travel and camaraderie that is so important in their lives. As their travel leader, you have the opportunity to increase their quality of life. That’s a lot more than just a tour group.

The Group Travel Family’s mission has been to give group travel planners the networking and tools needed to better serve their community and legion of followers. 

“We have spent 25 years helping people enjoy the human interaction that only group travel delivers,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family. The organization currently serves 25,000 group travel planners who take over 5 million people on tour annually.

Research has shown that the No. 1 reason people travel as a group is the human interaction that travel offers, surpassing other factors such as destination appeal, value and even safety. 

“That alone is why I encourage anyone reading this article to get their travel program back on track,” said Presley. “Your community needs it.” 

Getting your travel program back on track delivers the unspoken value of human interaction that has been lost during the past two years, and you as the travel planner can make it happen. Your first step is to commit to attending a gathering of group travel leaders and planners like yourself. 

“You gain the confidence and motivation at our conferences,” Presley said.

 Choose one of these meetings today, make the commitment to take your travel program to new heights and help travelers your enjoy life again with the tools and networking provided at the following conferences:

Select Traveler ConferenceCheyenne, Wyoming, on March 28, 2022

African American Travel ConferenceTopeka, Kansas, on April 12, 2022

Small Market Meetings Summit Ft. Worth, Texas, on May 2, 2022

Going On Faith Conference Panama City Beach, Florida, on September 13, 2022

Small Market Meetings ConferenceWichita, Kansas, on October 2, 2022

Boomers In Groups Gwinnett County, Georgia, on November 4, 2022

Register for these travel conferences at 800-628-0993 or at