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FMCSA Comes Aboard for GTF Conferences in 2022

SALEM, Ohio The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will continue its outreach program to travel planners that charter motorcoaches throughout 2022, in an agreement with The Group Travel Family of Brands.

FMCSA is the nationwide agency overseeing equipment safety of motorcoaches, which are the backbone of transportation in the group travel industry and chartered by virtually all members of The Group Travel Family. FMCSA has developed a safety outreach program targeted to the decision-makers who charter motorcoaches to create awareness of safe travel.

The Group Travel Family of Brands reaches 25,000 travel planner members that charter an estimated 150,000 motorcoaches annually, taking over 6 million people on tours. 

“It’s fairly easy to recognize our members’ need in awareness of travel safety, and the motorcoaches they charter are a top safety factor,” said Jennifer Ferguson, general manager of The Group Travel Family.

This marks the fourth year that FMCSA has teamed with The Group Travel Family to elevate safe travel practices in motorcoach chartering. The Group Travel Family values the effort of FMCSA in maintaining safe travel standards. 

“When we board a motorcoach in this country, there is an assumed level of safety that we take for granted,” said Ferguson. “That state of mind allows for worry-free group travel, benefiting the tourist as well as the entire travel industry. It’s the effort of FMCSA that allows us that peace of mind.” 

Travel planners will receive safety-related content designed by FMCSA at every Group Travel Family event of 2022, as well as monthly safety updates and education delivered online and via this publication.