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Group Travel Family Commits to Face-to-Face Meetings

SALEM, Ohio The travel industry needs a leader to help show the way out of the black hole that COVID-19 has dug into American freedom of travel, and The Group Travel Family seems to be stepping up in that position. The Group Travel Family has operated three safe and successful group travel conferences this fall in the face of COVID-19.

“We feel it is important to keep the spirit of people traveling together alive,” said Charlie Presley, founder of The Group Travel Family. “That is the simple reason we operated Select Traveler Conference, Going On Faith and Small Market Meetings Conference.”

The Group Travel Family is an organization that serves 25,000 volunteer travel planners with education, networking and destination planning.

Travel planners within the Group Travel Family circle provide packaged travel for over 5 million people annually and are the grass roots organizers in thousands of towns and cities across America.

“We hear from group travel leaders on a daily basis who say their people are ready to travel,” said Presley. “It’s just a matter of which destinations are open and welcome groups.”

By pushing ahead and operating travel conferences, The Group Travel Family believes that it accomplished a mission of bringing together destination, hotel and attraction professionals who are ready to welcome group bookings with the community organizations wanting to travel.

“Group travel is so much more than simply a trip,” Presley said. “It’s really all about human interaction, traveling with friends and enjoying life.”

That is why group travel will lead the way in the tourism rebound and why The Group Travel Family is on schedule to operate the Select Traveler Conference, the Going On Faith Conference, the African-American Travel Conference, Boomers In Groups, the Small Market Meetings Conference and AgriTourismWorld in 2021.

If you would like to attend one of these travel events, call 800-628-0993 or visit