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It’s Time to Resist COVID Fatigue

SALEM, Ohio We don’t need to ask how 2020 went: COVID-19 ravaged the travel industry and all associated. The question now is, what does 2021 hold in store?

Most projections call for a steady rebound in group travel as people begin to feel more comfortable in traveling with friends, family and members of their clubs and organizations.

We at The Group Travel Family are in daily contact with travel groups and can attest to a building demand to begin travel again. It seems to be a pretty even split of people who are willing to accept travel with some safe practices and people who want to travel but are unwilling to accept the added risk. That is understandable.

Group travel is an important contributor to a healthful lifestyle. It facilitates human interaction and is good for mental and physical health. We must now guard against COVID fatigue.

COVID fatigue is the unspoken result of the societal shutdown and a real health hazard. Those of us pushing forward to regain freedom of travel have a responsibility to lead the way. As group travel leaders, we have always served our members in providing this necessary social interaction. People trust the group leader destination selection and enjoy the value of human interaction. With that in mind, group leaders must lead.

Now is the time to shake off COVID-19 fatigue and lead your members back to a healthful lifestyle. Plan that next trip — even a day outing will start the ball rolling.

Don’t worry about a lighter-than-normal busload. When that first trip returns and the word spreads throughout your community, others will follow. After all, they don’t call you the group leader for nothing.