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Taking Groups on Cruises with Anne Davis

Cruising is one of America’s favorite ways to travel. And with some smart preparation, it can be one of your group’s favorite ways to travel too.

Anne Davis, founder of Cruises and Tours Worldwide, is an expert in both land tours and group cruises. She joins this episode of the Gather and Go podcast to help group travel coordinators navigate the ins and outs of planning cruises for their groups.

Anne shares insight on how to pick the perfect cruise destination, how much cruising really costs and how group cruise experts differ from regular travel agents. Plus, we have news on softening travel demand; a Road Tip on preparing for your first cruise; and a Hot Minute on how politics is threatening to corrupt travel.

Insights from Anne Davis

On choosing the best travel professionals to handle group cruise bookings:

“There’s a big difference between a travel agent and a tour operator. If you’re working with a tour operator that only deals with groups, they’re going to have a lot more insight into how to make the experience the best it can be.”

On the growing flexibility of cruise vacations:

“The whole feeling on ships now is much more relaxed. There are more shows to choose from, more restaurants to choose from. Everybody can do their thing. I think that’s what society wants….

“No longer can you expect that everyone is going to show up every night. People have the choice.”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Learn more about Cruises and Tours Worldwide at

Contact Anne Davis at 800-435-2710 or

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Key Moments From This Episode

1:34 — Travel News: Signs of softening travel demand

2:57 — Road Tip: Preparing for your first cruise

6:40 — Most popular episodes from our first year

11:33 — How Anne Davis became a travel expert

16:01 — Cruising basics for tour planners

27:08 — How cruising has become more flexible

35:50 — Are cruises more expensive than land tours?

39:06 — Combining cruises with land tours

47:35 — Hot Minute: Politics and the weaponization of travel

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