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Travolution: Cultural Trends That Are Reshaping Tourism

What do your favorite jeans have to do with the future of travel?

Travel has been through more than its share of ups and downs over the past three years. And as travel planners and promoters look to the future, forecasting trends isn’t easy. In this episode, Gather and Go host Brian Jewell shares how the history of blue jeans sheds can help us understand cultural trends that will impact the tourism industry in the coming years.

His presentation, Travolution: Cultural Trends That Are Reshaping Tourism, was delivered April 19, 2023 at STS Domestic Showcase in Huntsville, Alabama. We’re sharing the entire talk in this episode. Don’t forget to scroll down for links to many of the resources and past episodes he mentions.

Download The Presentation Slides

Brian’s talk included lots of helpful data. Here’s a copy of the presentation slides with links to underlying research sources.

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Key Moments From This Episode

3:35 — How tourism is like your pants

9:54 — Finding travel trends in the midst of trauma

14:07 — Affordability: How rising prices are changing the travel landscape

15:23 — The upward trajectory of hotel pricing

23:13 — Community: How America’s friendship crisis impacts tourism

28:28 — The value of travel for building relationships

31:22 — Diversity: How travelers want to see themselves reflected on trips

38:17 — How much do travelers value diversity?

40:28 — How travel can change culture for the better

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